The Nomad project arises as a result of interest and anxiety for art, and the desire to share and converge arts from different fields.

All Corralito members work in an artistic context but in different fields, such as painting, audiovisual, sculpture, textiles, or theater and all share the will to transmit knowledge and learn from each other. All members understand art as a tool for addressing other topics that are considered of interest today. For this reason, the main topic that interests to work through art is the migration and the encounter of different cultures, as well as the encounter of different artistic fields that can be related among them to give rise to a cultural and artistic forum. It is especially important to work migration through the current context, to use contemporary art as a means of communication between people.

Contemporary art has allowed us to create a broad vision of language and its limits and shortcomings. We use art as a vehicle that allows us to go beyond the categorical positions of the language. The symbology of the word is limited to the relation between meaning and significance, however, from new ways, it can decontextualize this relationship, in order to try to understand the world better and explain it to others. Share the experience as a fundamental idea of ​​the transmission of information, generate awareness and from it propose ways of change.