In this post we are presenting Ctrrl+V, the hungarian partner organization involved in Nòmad Project.

Ctrrl+V is a non-governmental organization working actively to develop projects whom can deal with art and culture in places where such activities are rare.

Together with other art and culture oriented organizations its aim is to develop and organize projects to everyone who wants to be involved in a creative and multicultural community.

Their philosophy embraces the promotion of the personal, artistic and professional development of its members and establish long-term partnerships with like-minded organizations all around the world. They Also cooperate in large-scale projects that endorse non-formal, art and multicultural education.

At this time, is managed by a group of ten young people working actively to maintain the project. They work mostly with young people aged 18 to 26. They are intended to give opportunity to as many youngsters as we can to get international experiences and to develop their skills and competences.

If you want to know more about them, you can visit his website: