In the first post we present the Corralito creation center, which is the organizer of the Nomad project.

El Corralito is a project that emerges with the will to promote, value and support the activity that is taking place in the artistic and cultural fabric of the city of Terrassa. An initiative that emerges in 2015 is driven and coordinated by a group of 10 artists between 20 and 25 years, who autogestion the project collectively.

It aims to be an inspirational, open, participatory project and a benchmark for the city as a whole, emphasizing younger generations.

We are in (re) building a meeting space to develop projects with a social and cultural value, based on collaboration and cooperation between the artistic entities of the city, forming a creative ecosystem. A space where multidisciplinary projects are generated, from fashion design, graphic arts, photography and visual arts or plastics ..

We are young entrepreneurs who believe that there is a lot of innovative potential in the streets of our city, capable of generating knowledge and critical thinking, exploring ways towards social and environmental sustainability.

In the following posts we will present the other partners involved in Nomad Project