Art Here Rights Now project

WHAT: Youth Exchange, Erasmus+

WHERE: Karlovac, Croacia

WHEN: 11 al 19 september, 2016

Art’s here rights now! Is a youth Exchange hosted by Carpe Diem (Croatia) and founded by Erasmus + within the Key Action 1 in cooperation with Ctrrl+V (Hungary), Vibria Intercultural (Spain) and Beat Bazar (U.K). The Project took place in Karlovac, Croatia and it gave the opportunity to 20 young artists from different disciplines to work together and create an art festival together


During 8 days, the volunteers were arguing how to use art as tool for the social transformation. Along the Project the participants from different nationalities were working on different topics like democracy, european identity, diversity, tolerance and respect through different art disciplines.

Every participant could work individually creating a piece of art, using the different spaces from the host association or in the public spaces of the town. Through the workshops, participants could improve their key competences within the artistic or cultural fields, larn how to manage groupal activities, or make their connections and relationships stronger and learn from each others. At the end, the artworks, performances and and shows were exhibited as a small art festival in the streets of Karlovac


Carpe Diem

Manchester, UK

Beat Bazaar

Manchester, UK



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