Corralito Center of Artistic Creation from Terrassa



What is Qlectiva?


Qlectiva it’s a cycle of itinerants expositions focused in the difusion and promotion of the contemporary artists, collectives and musical formations from Terrassa and surroundings.




On the 22th of september de 2018.


A on?


At El Vapor de Casa de la Música de Terrassa.


Which Artists did participate?


In this edition we enjoyed different artistic interventions, from the artistic devices and sculptures of the artists Neus Martinez i Estel·la Juvanteny; photography and audiovisuals from the hand of Bruna Avellanada, Neus Abellan i Mar Safont. The journey began with the lecture of poetry with Carlos Jimenez, based on the contemporary philosophical contributions of Artaud. In the evening we had the musical interpretations of Aurora Coca performing a R&B and Soul session and Nara is Neus  with her analog synthesizers show with projections from Lucho Maracaibo, of Centre de Creació La Lluerna, were they had the opportunity made a set together through the experimentation of electronic music and visual effects.

At 7pm started the micro-theater played by the Companyia Ensemble, were created a confusion within the actors and spectators, keeping the dynamics of participation and interaction with the public. At 21 the door was open for start with the night concerts by Inmerses (BCN), Bounties (TRS), Vetviolet (BCN) i DJ Poxifran (TRS), they offered  musical set from the psychedelia to the Techno. 

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