El Corralito Creative Center is a youth association which develops different artistic and cultural projects since 2015, and legally exists since 2017. The project arises from the need of the youngsters of Terrassa to find spaces to develop their cultural and artistic projects, individually or collectively.

The project aims at optimizing the collective participation between the different artists in Terrassa in order to reinforce the cultural and artistic network. Focusing on the people and their capacity to intervene and transform the social and cultural dynamics. Step by step and self-managing the whole process we have already created an alternative circle to artistic and cultural services of the town.

The objectives of the association are:

  • Promote the artistic resources of Terrassa.
  • Support the artistic and creative disclosure.
  • Create a multidisciplinary arts space to develop new ways on the research and experimentation of the contemporary art.
  • Promote the collaborative processes on the artistic creation always compromised to society and environment.
  • Enhance the artistic and associative network within the city.