Open call for applications for 30 artistic residencies related to contemporary art creation. Any artist, of any nationality, individual or collective, can apply for the three modalities of stay residencies: short-term (1 month), medium-term (3 months) or long-term (6 months).

Artistic discipline
  • Visual arts (painting, photography, videoart, design, collage, installation, drawing, graven, comic,…)
  • Performing arts (dance, theatre, performance,…)
  • Literary arts


  • Sculpture
  • Music
For who?

Any artist, individual or collective, older than 18 years old, from any nationality, origin, residency, gender, sexual orientation,… can apply.

Residency's modalities
  • 1 month = March / June/ August
  • 3 months = March – May / June – September
  • 6 months = March – September



    El Corralito – Artistic Creation Center

    C/ Sant Leopold 63,

    08221 Terrassa

    Application date

    From 10 until 30 of January 2022


    The price of the residency per day is 2€ for members of the entity, in case you don’t want to be part of the community the price is 3€ per day. In addition, it is mandatory to pay at the beginning of the stay 20€ as a deposit for the keys. At the end of your stay, this money will be returned.


    The price includes Internet, electricity, water and supplies services. Artists-in-residences have the right to use the different shared spaces of the centre, like central multidisciplinary zone, office zone, storage, communal kitchen, dining room, bathroom, exterior communal zone, work’s desk, shelves for personal use, materials for your artistic creation, among others. Moreover, the centre offers the following resources to those selected through this call: free access to the space 24 hours any day of the week; accompaniment and specialized help during the development of the project; connexion and contact with other artistic creation centres, art galleries, exhibition spaces, among others; support with the promotion and diffusion of the project through our media channels; a free exhibition of the project developed during the residency, among others.


    the artist-in-residency who are members of the entity (per 36€/year) will have a discount on the total price of the residency, and also, they will have the opportunity to participate with the different activities of the centre’s community.


    The non-compliance of the monthly payment or the continued absence in the space might be reasons for ending the residency contract with the artist-in-residency.

    Basic evaluation criteria

    The selection will be made by the following Program Committee: David Corral (multidisciplinary artist), Irene Perez (multidisciplinary artist), Anna Madrid (visual artist), Alba Jané (cultural manager), Albert García (president of Corralito and multidisciplinary artist)


    The Program Committee will consider the quality of the overall project and the attitude of the applicant. Furthermore, it will be important the motivation of the applicant for participating in this project of creation, the clarity of the information presented and the adequacy of the personal material presented to the specific conditions of the call. The Program Committee will show special sensitivity to these artists between the age of 18-35 years old, and who are from Terrassa or Barcelona’s province.


    The call for applications is open until the 30th of January 2022 at 23:59h. The result of the selection will be announced on the 8th of February 2022.

    Application Process

    In order to present your request to this open call, it is mandatory to fill out the following form. If you want to send us extra material in written, video or audio format, you should send it in a pdf format to elcorralitocca@gmail.comwith the subject “call for residency El Corralito 2022” In any case it might exceed the 15 Mb.


    For further information, please contact: