El Galliner is a specialized creative space for young artists and partners of Corralito. A space open to any creative and artistic field where the residents may have support and advice from the association.

The main role of this project resides on the community of people to self manage and organize it. El Galliner is a non static premises, which means that it adapts to the needs of the people and projects that are being hosted. A closed space that allows us to work with paint, drawings, graphic design, clothes design, photography, audiovisuals, etc. Ask for other fields.

El Corralito offers different servicesto all residents in order to help the artistic creation:

  • Premises with prices and packs depending on the use and the time.
  • Premises with natural light, water, electricity and wifi.
  • Storage (lockers and shelves).
  • Galliner’ssupport community.
  • Connection to other communities and projects.
  • The possibility of organizing meetings, training courses, workshops.
  • The possibility to expose the artwork within El Corralito’s exhibition cycle and others.


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