La Qlectivais a series of itinerant exhibitions aimed at the dissemination and promotion ofcontemporary creation ofyoung artists, artistic collectives and musical formations of the city of Terrassa and the province of Barcelona.

It is a platform parallel to the institutional circuit of exhibitions focused on making local and regional artists known with the aim of creating an artistic network, bringing art closer to young women, promoting the creation and knowledge of local projects and the empowerment of young women in the creation and participation of these.

It began in2014, an initiative ofa group of young artistsfrom the city of Terrassa who organized to generate exhibitions of their artistic work at the Casal Popular L’Atzur, under the name of “Anxiosos de arte” (Eager for art).. In 2016, the project was reformulated under the name of Qlectivain order to give value to cooperation and collectivity among the new generations of local artists.

Currently, the project continues to expand due to the professionalism of young people in the city, creating a space where they can show, dialogue with other young people, explore and carry out a process of elaboration of an exhibition in a communitarian way.les artistes It is a wayto provide a new window for all the young artists from the city who have not yet taken advantage of other institutionalized circuits.


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