La Esquina is a digital catalogue of audiovisual content where musical groups and projects from Terrassa and surrounding areas collaborate with us, with the purpose of to create an exclusive audio and video performance between 15 and 20 minutes, recorded at the Centre de Creació Artística El Corralito.Developing a creative project where we mix through a live production; music, scenography and performance.

The main musical group performs a show with their own songs in a format similar to the unplugged. The band performs the showcase in representative, scenographic and musical terms with total freedom.

The artists’ residents in the Galliner are invited to participate in the staging of the recording, and subsequently, the team of La Esquina elaborates an audiovisual capsule of the performance, contributing to the post-production an artistic and creative vision.The different capsules are diffused throughYoutube and social media networks.


We are a team of young people with the intention of promoting an artistic, musical, creative and collaborative project, to promote musical activity in the city of Terrassa.

Pau Ballesté, Mercè Borràs, Anna Costa, Jesús Cuevas, Carles Domènech, Ariadna Font, Albert Galan, Màrius Intente, Quim Rifà




The musical group Caseta was born in Matadepera and it is formed by Jan Buxeda, composer and main voice of the group, Josep Duran, guitarist, Xevi Garcia, drums, Pol Codina, keyboardist and in charge of the synthesizers and Enric Camarero on bass. On this occasion, the living arts collective Onzena Edició, residents at CCA El Corraltio have been in charge of collaborating with the band, with Txell Navarro as a dancer and Helena Calafell in the costumes..