Art 4 Youth


Youth Exchange, Erasmus+


9th – 18th August 2017


Szeged, Hungary



Art 4 Youth is a youth exchange hosted byCtrrl + V (Hungary), founded by Erasmus + programwithin Key Action 1 program in cooperation with SFERA(Macedonia) , La Vibria (Terrassa, Barcelona) and El Corralito CCA. In the exchange we had the participation of 20 artists and youth workers from Macedonia, Spain and Hungary. The project took place in the Hungarian third biggest city, Szeged, during the August 2017.

The aim of the project was to generate an intercultural discussion between the artists and the citizenship from Szeged. Corralito CCA participated with three resident artists, Edmundo Garcia, Malo Largo and Molino. The artists participated in a creative and collective process creating different art contemporary projects which where exhibited on the streets of Szeged to make the citizenship interact with them.

The processes used by the organizing entity generated a participatory creative process, and the good relationship between the artists made the 9 days a great experience. At he end the artworks were exhibited in different art galleries of Budapest and Szeged .

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