Jugar amb foc


3rd July 2015


Plaça Salvador Espriu, Terrassa

Which Artists did participate?

  A workshop designed by BaumannLab to think and speculate our artistic projects. Workshop design and coordination by Caterina Almirall, with the support of Baumann Lab. Prometeus the god who stole the fire from the Olimpus to offer it to the man. The fire is the symbol of the creation, and in a certain kind of way it’s also the symbol of the artistic creation. It represents the power and the capacity of doing “things” normally reserved to the deities. “The garden of Prometeus” is also the name of an animated film by Bruce Bickford, a man who can work fabulously with plasticine, creating artisan animations absolutely crazy, where everything is possible. In Bickford’s scenarios, the plants and the characters mutate, transform, interact, phagocytose on a whim of the genious creator. Stealing the fire it’s nothing more than making a free use of the imaginary world, and sharing it. After the three phases of the workshops the artists:Marti Furgerber, Berta Pey, Gerard Pla, Edmundo Garcia, David Corral, Itois Bru, Ambi Waki and Ari Shiny generated a pop up show with the intention of creating their own space.

Thought as an open space, En consctucció it’s an horizontal web of local artists from differents backgrounds and disciplines. The idea of the collective work it’s essential to the city, the pieces get together and among us we build realities. We make the artistic and cultural interests move, and we want to thing that we are the ones ‘making the things happen’.

Without a place, we create a site-specific intervention, for metting, thinking, production and free artistic expression. This was the boiling water that originated EL CORRALITO CCA.