Qlectiva XI


14th June 2019


Espai La Lluerna (Carrer Sant Leopold, 63, Terrassa)

Which Artists did participate?

In this edition we hosted the artists Irene Pérez, Raul Cañadas, Jan Vallverdú, Nebil Riadh, Berta Pey, Ariadna Font, Edmundo Garcia, David Corral Lamelas and l3f00l (Andy Corral Lamelas).

The exhibition was a collective dialogue of interdisciplinary projects about various topics such as the public space, the body, the image, the error/glitch, the virtuality, the rebel/s, the maternity. It was the outcome of a residency developed in the same exhibition space that took place in collaboration with the resident artists of La Lluerna.


What is Qlectiva?

Qlectiva it’s a cycle of itinerants expositions focused in the difusion and promotion of the contemporary artists, collectives and musical formations from Terrassa and surroundings.