Qlectiva XVI


14th December 2019


Espai Villa del Sol (Carrer Sant Leopold, 63, Terrassa)

Which Artists did participate?

In this edition we hosted five artists from a fashion design background, Nagore Vitalle, Marta M. Soldevilla, Inés Vidal, Anna Solà and Tania Marcial.

The exhibition was the result of a cooperative process among the artists, the projects were based on the impact of the textile industry. Guided by CorralitoCCA, the artist shared their ideas about the art in relation to low cost fashion, the environmental costs and the role of women in the fashion and the social and economic impact in the industry.


What is Qlectiva?

Qlectiva it’s a cycle of itinerants expositions focused in the difusion and promotion of the contemporary artists, collectives and musical formations from Terrassa and surroundings.