20th February 2016


Casal Popular l’Atzur (Carrer Arquimedes, 89, Terrassa)

Which Artists did participate?

First collective exhibition of artists in the city ,we hosted a great number of artists from different disciplines: Cecilia Coca, Miki Montlló, Morcky, Sergi Lanau, Apache, Jipi, Tsucio, Rena, Setilla, ZQYSO, Flash, Helena Rossetti, Oriol Hernández, Marti Furgber, Sensible, Ovni, Chu Tao, Patricia Feliu, David Corral, Edmundo Garcia, Ambi, Largo, O. Estripaboires, Maillo, JJR, Mauri and Judith con H.

We also enjoyed the live show by Mabel Flores, and Xarly at the bass.


What is Qlectiva?

Qlectiva it’s a cycle of itinerants expositions focused in the difusion and promotion of the contemporary artists, collectives and musical formations from Terrassa and surroundings.