Graffiti Cultures


Youth Exchange, Erasmus+


12th – 29th July 2019


Bitola, North Macedonia



Graffiti Cultures is a youth exchange organized by Sfera International (Macedonia) in cooperation with La Vibria Intercultural (Terrassa, Barcelona) and El Corralito CCA. In the exchange, funded by Erasmus+ program, participated 25 youth people from Macedonia, Greece, Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic and Spain. The project was carried out in Bitola, a city in the south-west of the Republic of North Macedonia, in June 2019.

The main objective of the program was about creating an intercultural dialogue between young people and to engage with each different culture and identity. The artists participated in a collective creation process throughout the different artistic fields as photograph, video and graffiti. El Corralito joined with two resident artists, Molino and Pilar Català, and three artists which joined as guests through an open call , Moño, Itois Bru and Malo Largo .

Different kinds of community art workshops were organized, as well as different places to share and debate ideas, based on teamwork’s dynamics and the tools of non-formal education The good relation between artists made all those 17 days a quite remarkable experience.


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