Youth Exchange, Erasmus+


1st -15th October 2018


Aarhus, Denmark



“Inhibittion project” is a youth exchange organized by the Ctrrl + V (Hungary), funded by Erasmus+ program and in cooperation with Corralito CCA. The experience took place at the Godsbanen creation center and involved several artists from Hungary, Denmark, Spain and Greece.

Through different workshops, outings and artistic experiments we did bring to practice collective work into the artistic method.During those two weeks, the artists did build installations which reflected communitarian spirit and the project to make contact with the locals.

Corralito CCA participated with two resident artists, Edmundo Garcia and David Corral, and four other invited artists selected from an open call, Ona Trabal, Jan Vallverdú, Sandra Martín Pavon and Patricia Feliu. And as it happened in other exchange projects before, there were community art workshops as well as different kinds of spaces and places to exchange and debate ideas. All of that by the hand of teamwork dynamics and non-formal education tools, as well the coordination tasks for all the different projects.

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