Youth Exchange, Erasmus+


From 28th January to 5th February 2018


Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Catalonia, Spain



Nomad is an initiative that promotes a new vision of the refugee crisis in Europe beyond the migration crisis. A Youth Exchange, in Key KA-001 Erasmus+ program, organized by Corralito CCA and La Víbria Intercultural (Terrassa, Barcelona) in colaboration with the associations Parcours le Monde (France), Yount Teachers Team of Cekdev (Turkey), Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia) and Ctrrl + V (Hungary). The experience took place at Can Server, a country house built in 1725 in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Manresa. 25 young people from Hungary, Turkey, France and Spain participated in the project.

The aim of the project wasto reflect on migration and social conflicts in the current European context. Using art as a research platform, the project highlights the importance of interdisciplinary processes, non-formal education and the exchange of free information. Nomad generated a common space to share learning around the knowledge of sculpture, painting, video and textiles.

Theresult of those days was an exhibition of six works of art made collectively, at the Casa de la Música de Terrassa. A day in which the people could also enjoy live music with the artistsThe Re-Fugees, L-Likmem and DJ Totem. A part from that the exhibition més a més l’exposició Inside the borders” was presentated in April in Galerii Positiiv (Tallin, Estonia).

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