from 19th June 2018 to 09th July 2018


Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain.



Re-generation, a project started by Associazione Culturale Link (Italy), granted by Erasmus+ within the projects Key Action 2/Strategic, in cooperation with the organizations La Vibria Intercultural (Terrassa, Barcelona), Intercultura (France) and Fundacja Navis (Poland). The aim of the project is to develop new connections between cultural spaces for youth, active in re-generated buildings of the cities, and international youth work.

Within the Re-generation project La Vibria Intercultural organized a training from 19th of June to 0th of July in Terrassa. During these days the participants got to know the industrial heritage of the city, spaces regenerated by different groups, such as the same office of La Vibria, located in the Baumann House, a modernist house from 1913, the house of an industrial family, and now the city’s youth information office. Some of the most interesting spaces in the centre of Terrassa were also visited, such as Damunt a Cel de Fil, located inVapor Ros , an industrial complex dating from mid-19th century. They also visited spaces recovered from the city and the rest of the territory, such as Tub d’Assaig 7’70, Ateneu Candela, Soul Vespa Escúter Club, Ca Fugarolas, Hangar, Ateneu l’Harmonia, Fabra i Coats. And of course, the three hosting structures: Espai Jove La Fontana, Corralito CCA and Magneti Studio.

Re-Generation took the streets of Terrassa with a Street art itinerant exhibitionon 07/07/2018, as a result of the cooperation between El Corralito CCA, Magneti Studio and the international participants of the training event between the weeks before. The itinerant art piece was the result of a process of debate and reflection on the need of cultural and artistic spaces for youth in the city. Bringing the work done to the street, gave us the opportunity to involve the local population and bring visibility to the Erasmus+ programs and opportunities.


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